INSPIRATION: Maison de Verre

One of Sel Rrose's biggest design inspirations is Paris's Maison de Verre (House of Glass in French) – a gleaming glass cube of a private home that is a stunning example of the early modernist movement in architecture. While our interpretation of it is far from literal (we realized industrial raised rubber flooring and retractable metal weren't exactly practical) if you look closely you will see it's influence throughout the bar.  While we couldn't do translucent block windows without significantly altering the structure of the storefront we did utilize corrugated glass throughout the space and frosted the bottom portion of the front windows to allow light to pass through while keeping the goings on inside hidden, providing much needed privacy and a sense of mystery on one of Manhattan's most heavily trafficked corners.

When our design team first showed us the above documentary, it was a definite game changer. We realized that we could embrace our love of the old while still making everything feel fresh and clean and bright, something we felt very strongly about when designing a space where there is a raw bar. We knew we'd found our niche, an alternative to what has become classic New York retro cocktail bar decor. We kept raw iron framework visible, covered the floors in white cement that glows like marble, built a curved bar made of light wood. We kept the color scheme balanced between warm and cool neutrals with light floors and tobacco brown ceilings.

Here are so more images of Maison de Verre. Come visit Sel Rrose to see the inspiration we derived from this early modernist masterpiece