Soft Opening Reflections - Oysters are Here!

Sel Rrose quietly opened our doors two weeks ago and things have already been off to a brisk start. Within a week we had our raw bar up and running, serving a weekly variety of oysters to begin with. Soon we'll have a fully operational kitchen with an expanded menu. Babysteps for sure, but we've definitely progressed from our opening crawl (no small thanks to a few small setbacks, the biggest of which was a little hurricane named Sandy that plunged our neighborhood into darkness and shifted the focus of many construction crews to rebuilding.) Now we're standing on our own two feet – and the response has been overwhelming!

We're starting small because we want to do it right. Quality over quantity. Craft and consistency mean the world to us. We want our flavors to be as bright and fresh and clean as our still reasonably virgin curved white marble bar. We might be delving a little deep into the poetics here but it's because we're passionate about what we're doing and so thankful we have an opportunity to do it!


So join us! The oysters are fresh, the doors are open, and the drinks are flowing.