Grand Opening Party

Sel Rrose Cocktails and Champagne now celebrates the arrival of OYSTERS!

Thursday, June 27, 8pm
Sel Rrose (1 Delancey at Bowery)

The debut of oysters at Sel Rrose…

Kristin Vincent of Home Sweet Home/Fig 19 quietly and informally opened a new cocktail bar on the corner of Bowery and Delancey a couple of weeks ago with a drink menu focusing on champagne and cocktails crafted with house-made syrups and French herbs…

And now, in a revival of the great Bowery oyster cellar tradition, Sel Rrose is having a bash to celebrate the addition of oysters to its nightly repertoire. Here's the carefully curated selection for Thursday night's coming-out:

- Beausoleil - New Brunswick
- BC, La St. Simons - New Brunswick, BC
- Salvation Cove - Salvation Cove, PEI
- Royal Miyagi - Puget Sound, WA 

Additionally, Kristin has enlisted the services of New York Night Train's DJ Jonathan Toubin and his 45s to provide a soundtrack to the night from 10pm on…

Open Tuesday - Saturday, 7pm - 4am. Look for our full seafood menu in the coming weeks!